Spry Chewing Gum

The staff at Northwest Hills Smiles highly recommends using Spry gum. This is the gum you should be chewing if you aren’t already.

Spry’s main ingredient is Xylitol, which is low in glycemic index. Xylitol is actually a sugar alcohol which is naturally found in trees. It taste just like sugar but doesn’t have the same impact and at the same time it prevents cavities instead of promoting them like regular chewing gum would.  As the primary sweetener in Spry gum, xylitol works to prevent cavities as you chew it. By chewing xylitol, you not only get the taste pleasure from chewing gum, you also get the health benefit of reducing the number of cavities you are likely to experience. Spry is also a product that has no dangerous ingredients like saccharine, aspartame, or sucrolose. It also has no refined carbohydrates such as sugar or high-fructose corn syrup and has no artificial colors. The only downfall to chewing this gum is that it is more expensive than your normal chewing gum since Xylitol is an expensive ingredient to extract from tree pulp. But if you want something simple and tasty to protect you from cavities, Spry chewing gum is the way to go. After you have an appointment with one of our amazing doctors or hygienists be sure to stop by the front desk and pick up some complementary spry chewing gum. Let Northwest Hills Smiles dental introduce you to this gum if you haven’t been introduced already.

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