Pain After Teeth Cleaning

Ever wonder why your gums are sore after a cleaning?

No, its not because your hygienist was being too rough. It actually means you have an awesome hygienist! Pain after a cleaning is very common. The pain you experience from the cleaning is directly related the amount of plaque build up you have. When plaque builds up and is allowed to remain on the teeth over time, it hardens at the gum line and inflames the gums. A good hygienist will be sure to remove all of this tartar from the gum line. Following a great cleaning, even when it has been done as gently as possible, your gums may be sore afterwards because it was inflamed due to the plaque build up.  Warm Salt water rinses are helpful to help the gum heal faster.  The good news is that you can do your part to avoid pain and discomfort at the dentist by practicing good hygiene. Try keeping your teeth up by brushing, flossing, and returning for your next appointment. While no one likes to be in pain, your sore gums could actually be a sign that great things are happening.


At Northwest Hills Smiles, our patients well being is always our number one priority. Our hygienist are highly qualified and have the skill set to clean your teeth gently and thoroughly using great techniques. Our patients always have a pleasant time. Come and find out why we are one of the best dental practices in Austin, Texas.

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